Panini Press

Panini Press Buying Guide

If you like entertaining your friends and having them over for a hangout to eat your signature sandwich or try out a new recipe, then you need to have a panini press. A panini press is an essential appliance for anyone who wants to make a grilled sandwich fast and easier. They come with many names a panini grill or sandwich press. There are available in different styles and designs and can be used for different purposes, it is, therefore, important that one chooses the best panini press that suits their need. Below is a guide to buying panini grills.

Panini Press Buying

Plate materialPanini Press

A feature that differentiates one sandwich grill from another is the plate material that is used. A range of plate materials are available, and they all have their benefits and shortcomings. The materials range from cast iron to aluminum and coated non-stick. These plates and materials produce a different kind of result when used in the kitchen. The cast iron plates have better heat retention, has even heat for more consistent when cooking and are sturdy. However, they are heavier and more expensive. The aluminum plates are less expensive and heat up quickly. However, the also lose heat fast and require the use of release sprays and oils. Coated non-stick heat up quickly and easy to clean. However, they can damage easily.

Plate configurations

The other feature that one needs to look at is the plate configurations. This is how the plate has been contoured resulting on how the sandwich pattern will look like. The panini grills come in a variety of grill plate configurations. They can either be grooved or smooth. This can be in different options either grooved top and bottom, smooth top and bottom, grooved top and smooth bottom or dual grooved and smooth.

The floating hinge

This refers to the how the press lid can move up and down so as the grill can accommodate foods of varying sizes. If the appliance does not have this mechanism, then it means that one will be limited to what they can make and put on the grill.

Heating setting

The standard panini press will have a heating mechanism similar to that of a toaster oven. Where it can be set to a particular meal type, then the sandwich cooks on that particular heat until it is ready. It is therefore important to know what heating levels you may require as you look for a panini press to buy.

Finally, ensure to get a press that will be easy to clean. Non-stick planning plates press is the best and easy to clean. However, there are models that provide the option of removing the plant and cleaning it.